Our laboratory is interested in determining the proper mixture of stimulatory signals to induce the formation and regeneration of a variety of tissues. We utilize our expertise in biomaterials, drug and gene delivery, and mammalian cell culture to develop model systems for the investigation of tissue regeneration. We have ongoing projects in the engineering of numerous tissues including bone, blood vessels, cornea, and wound healing.  


  • Biomaterials-based strategies to induce angiogenesis
  • Controlling the oxygen microenvironment to manipulate cellular behavior
  • Cell-cell interactions to promote tissue formation
  • Development of biomimetic materials for use in bone tissue engineering
  • Development of novel systems for sustained gene delivery
  • Validation of tissue regeneration using noninvasive in vivo imaging modalities

State of Minds: Air Quality, Stem Cells, Peace Corps, Neanderthal Genome (See one of our collaborations starting at 18:51)